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Big audio and a cohesive soundstage make this a worthy home cinema package, but it is let down by an average centre speaker.

How it feels to discover you have the BRCA1 gene – A few days later he surprised me with a ‘Boob Recovery Kit’ full of everything I’d need for surgery – from a hard-drive full.

Stuck in LoveTen Halloween Movies and Horror Flicks Stoners Would Love – Just try not to get "This is Halloween" stuck in your head after a bowl.

If you’re having a horror-movie marathon full of dabs and munchies, this is an obvious start. The Addams Family Haven.

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Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s campaign over free college tuition. “I don’t hate anyone. I was raised in a way that is a heart full of love and always pray for the president.

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love for his 12-year-old, Zion, who prefers to be addressed by feminine pronouns. RELATED: Dwyane Wade Says Gaining Full Custody Was ‘Tough.

It’s a love story — complex, perverse and intense, and irreducible to mere homoerotic attraction — and, finally, a full-blown Greek tragedy, as only the best gangster movies can be.

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The Count Of Monte Cristo 1934 A later legend says that in 1844, Alexandre Dumas (of "The Three Musketeers" and "The Count of Monte Cristo" fame. In 1927, it showed up in Budapest. By 1934 it had made its way to London. On the quiet post-Christmas Friday morning of December 28, 1934, Wellingtonians awoke. The talking-movie version of The Count of

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The Den and UCLA Athletics announced a year-long contest Sept. 13 with a full year of tuition as the grand prize.